What we are:

We are an Australian based, Not for Profit, Overseas Aid fund, targeting Education and Health issues in Pacific Island Nations, initially in Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands

What we do:

We provide focused and relational, both financial and practical, aid in the following areas:

  • Prevention and Treatment of Health issues
  • Advancement of Education
  • Relief of Poverty

How we are Different:

We partner with locals, working within the existing community framework, to identify and support projects that those local communities value and that provide sustainable results.

Join Us in the Journey

Whether you have a passion for the Pacific Islands and/or a heart for helping out some of our closest neighbours, we would like to hear from you. Write to us at admin@pacassist.org.au or use the form on the Contact Us page.

The donate button is above. Donations can be specific for a particular project or general with funds split by the Director's discretion to improve health, relieve poverty or educate a child to ensure a brighter future.