Bene Village School - Espiritu Santo- Vanuatu

Education and Health - We are building a school and Health Clinic in Bene Village, 10 mins from Champagne Beach. Approximately 150 children in that area do not currently have access to a school.

The School will be a non-denominational Christian School that will grow into a Kinder to Year 12 educational facility with an attached Health Clinic. There are further plans to develop this school into a Trade College with medical and teacher training facilities to become a epicentre of Education on Espiritu Santo.

Project Update: The build is well underway with a Wayne Yeo running the project. A big thanks to the local community and team for their continued efforts and support and also a huge thanks to those behind the scenes helping with finance and organisation.

Poverty - Breaking the poverty cycle is the key to the future for a lot of families in Vanuatu, even those close to the Capital, Port Villa. Erakor Village has a well established School, however a lot of the children miss out on education due to their families financial situations. It costs AU$30.00 per year for one child to go to school. Pac Assist has established a Education Sponsorship program to help those children out, so for the cost of couple of coffees per month, we can send one child to school and provide them with hope for the future.